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Experts in Repairing, Protecting, Treating, Maintaining glass in yachts and vessels.

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Our services

Glazing & Repair

Solutions suited to any type of glass and damage.


GPSs (Glass Protection Systems) to protect any glass surface.


Thanks to our treatments, we can help to lengthen and protect the working life of glass panes.


Benefit from more efficient and cost-effective periodical maintenance.


We encourage repair, protection, treatment, and maintenance vs replacement.

Only 30% of discarded glass can be recycled. Glass does not decompose and is difficult to treat. With proper repairs and maintenance, its impact on your pocked and the environment can be lessened.

  • Costs savings
  • Time savings
  • Maintenance savings
  • Energy savings
  • International coverage
  • On-site servicing
  • No disassembly or mounting
  • Sustainable

GLASS MARINE, experts in repairing and protecting glass in yachts and vessels

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